Q: Are the sessions recorded through Zoom or a different software? A: The sessions are recorded through our LiveView™ platform that was built off the backbone of Zoom.

Q: Are the mock jurors/respondents aware there are observers? A: During screening they are told there are observers and during intros the moderator would say it as well, but the respondents do not know exactly who is watching as the observers are in a completely separate room.

Q: Can you show us via an arrow on the diagram or something that you are speaking about? Or is it always static? A:Yes, there’s an annotation tool that we can use to point, draw, highlight, add text, etc. to show what the speaker is talking about.

Q: It appears that this platform is an adaptation of Zoom – some extra bells and whistles. A:That’s correct. Zoom is the backbone and FGA has added features to customize it for research.

Q: So right now the jurors are clicking on a link to answer questions based on the presentation? A: Yes, they are sent a link in the chat to answer polling questions throughout a session.

Q: Can you break the participant group into two different breakouts? A: Yep! We can split the participants up into 2, 3, or more breakouts.

Q: Does this platform have the same security issues that Zoom has? Or is it more secure? Some law firms have banned the use of Zoom so I’m just curious. A: LiveView™ is built on the Zoom backbone, but we have taken extra measures to increase security. Of course all meetings are password protected plus our process ID’s every juror prior to participation.

Q: It seems that it would make sense to instruct jurors/respondents to use a consistent camera angle that optimizes the image of the juror/respondent. A: Yes this is one of the topics we go over with every juror/respondent in tech checks prior to the session.